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Employee expense reimbursement service in Japan - HTM Tokyo

Employee Expense Reimbursement Service for Subsidiaries in Japan

Employees' expenses are processed in four simple steps that provide tight control and rapid reimbursement using a web browser. Your employees, your accounting department, and your managers each have reports specifically tailored to their requirements.

Enter & Mail Receipt
Employees enter expenses using a web browser, write the system provided expense number on the receipt, and mail to HTM in a prepaid self-addressed envelope.
HTM Admin Approval
HTM matches the receipts with the employee entered expenses. Each expense is then given an Admin Approval or electronically returned to the employee with the reason for the return.
Manager Approval
Items with Admin Approval appear in the Manager's browser for the Manager's Approval. Items can be either approved or returned with the reason for the return.
Approved expenses are reimbursed by transfer to the employee's bank account. Reimbursements are done once a week.
Employee Report
The Employee Report keeps employees' informed as to which expenses have been entered and which have been paid.
Accounting Report
The Accounting Report provides your accounting department, with all the details classified to your accounting codes.
Reporting and Analysis Tool
Log into the Business Information Portal which provides management with a series of real-time web-based reports from a summary over any time period down to individual transactions.

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