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All your accounting, payroll & HR information and more in one location

The Business Information Portal (BIP) is your one stop for all the data and analysis you need to know about your operation in Japan; Sales, Expenses, HR, Finance, Payroll, Tax, Legal, and Administration. Using the Business Information Portal, you will be able to see trends over years of data through charts and visualizations, drill down to an individual transaction, or look up important documents.

The Business Information Portal menu

All business information relating to your Japanese operation is accessible from the BIP menu. The BIP menu is organized by the following categories of your Japan office: sales, operations, employee expenses, human resources, finance, payroll, tax, legal and administration.

The Business Information Portal sub-menus

Each category is broken down into 3 groups: Reports displays reports in standard format, Analysis provides interactive dashboards to examine and understand your data, and References contains documents such as company registrations and legal contracts in pdf format.

Standard accounting, payroll and other reports on the Business Information Portal

Standard reports such as balance sheets and income statements can be seen directly from the BIP in the Reports section. A date slider makes it possible to quickly view other months. The reports can also be exported as a PDF or as a crosstab into Excel.

Analysis of your business data through interactive charts

The Analysis section offers interactive "views" of your business data. Here is an example of a sales chart depicting top 10 customers and products by sales and margin. The size of the circles represent the sales amount and the color represents the margin percentage in relation to the target of 40%.

Business data drill down and filtering

Click the graphic element of interest to filter and drill down to see something in greater detail. In this example clicking on Japan Airways sales for Machine T18 will display the sales history as a bar chart. Clicking on a specific bar will then display the exact sales transaction details.

Business documents in PDF format

The BIP References section contains important company documents in PDF such as the company registration certificate. You can view the document directly from a popup viewer or download a copy for reference.

Business documents and registrations translated into English

In the References sections you will also find English versions of important company documents such as tax returns, company registration, and tax and social insurance office registrations.

The Business Information Portal is a web-based system

The Business Information Portal is a web-based system so it is accessible from anywhere you can get online.

Securely log into the Business Information Portal

Only members with access to sensitive data are given unique encrypted entry.

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