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Accounting Services by HTM Tokyo, Japan
Accounting Services in Japan - Outsourcing by HTM

Our Accounting Services, outsourced from Tokyo and covering all Japan, include accounting and financial reporting, order processing, inventory control, job costing, customer invoicing, banking, and tax planning, compliance, and filing.

HTM Accounting Services include

Accounting & Financial Reporting are the backbone of any business office. HTM's experienced bilingual accounting staff in Tokyo understand your business and ensure accounting and financial reports are complete and accurate. Bilingual accounting systems provide the detail you need to effectively manage your business. Stringent procedures provide the internal controls that define a well-managed business.

Order Processing requires well-trained people who are always available when needed. HTM provides experienced accounting managers, based in Tokyo, who can hire, train, supervise, and serve as a back up to your order processing function wherever you are in Japan. In cases when it is best to have the order processing function close to your sales force, we can tie your system directly into our accounting system.

Inventory Control services are available through HTM. Our experienced accounting staff in Tokyo can help you maintain complete and accurate inventory records. We can handle complex inventory requirements, including multi-dimensional SKUs that are often required for retail, tracking by lot date for products with expirations, and handing of multi-location inventories.

Job Costing, whether a small or large project, requires revenue recognition by percent completion. HTM has the experienced accounting staff and sophisticated integrated accounting systems to handle complex job costing.

Customer Invoicing provides close coordination with your sales people, while still being segregated from the sales function, so that internal control requirements are met. Invoicing done directly on HTM's integrated accounting systems insures efficiency and accuracy.

Banking and cash application are supported by our online system. We require that cash handling, payment, approval, and recording are segregated duties, giving your business the maximum level of asset security and control. Additionally, we provide a monthly cash requirement report, to assist with efficient cash management.

Tax Planning, Compliance, and Filing are all provided by HTM's accounting team in our Tokyo offices. We handle both corporate income tax, as well as provide the analysis for newly setup companies to determine and file their various tax policies.

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