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Assisting a Startup

A company that produces PC software for the consumer market decided that, after several years selling through a distributor in Tokyo, Japan, they were ready to set up a Japanese office in Tokyo. In a very competitive and fast moving business the new staff needed to focus intently on marketing and sales. While the home office specifically did not want their staff to get sidetracked from their focus on customers, they wanted to be sure that sound practices, controls, and reporting were in place in all the back office functions. In particular, they were concerned that expenses not get out of control, and that employee compensation agreements would be in line with industry norms. HTM was retained to provide the following services:

Accounting: bookkeeping, accounts payable, accounts receivable, employee expense reimbursements, banking

Payroll: payroll calculation including overtime, bonuses, tax and social benefits, payments to employees and government tax and social benefit offices

Finance: monthly preparation and reporting of financial statements, cash flow analysis and requirements, budget variance

Human Resources: work rules, employee agreements, incentive system, salary system

Legal: company establishment, statutory fillings, licensing agreements

Tax: corporate and consumption tax planning, tax preparation and payments, transfer pricing policy

HTM's services allowed this company to jumpstart their Japan operation in Tokyo. We provided them with instant expertise and staffing across several disciplines. By maintaining all back office functions under one roof, HTM greatly reduced the time that Japanese and home office management had to spend setting up and managing back office functions.

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