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Payroll Services by HTM Tokyo, Japan
Payroll Services in Japan - Outsourcing by HTM

Our Payroll Services, outsourced from Tokyo and covering all Japan, include maintenance of payroll allowances, deductions, and personal data required for producing all the Japanese social insurance and payroll tax requirements.

HTM Payroll Services include

Payroll System (Web-based) handles: (1) data management of company, employee, and payroll data; (2) processing of the whole payroll cycle, including monthly payroll, social insurance, and tax; and (3) payment and reporting. The Payroll System can handle complex payroll, including bonuses, commissions, grossed-up allowances, tax-advantaged housing arrangements etc.

Payroll Reporting by the Payroll System includes comprehensive reports, detailing all elements of employee compensation. These are prepared in advance of the payroll date for approval by your management personnel.

Payments to Employees are transferred directly to your employees' bank accounts. If desired, employees may predetermine percentage splits for deposit into multiple accounts. Pay slips are sent directly to the employees by HTM. These can be in Japanese or English, depending on individual preference.

Year-end Tax Adjustments (YETA) can be managed by HTM. The YETA is a means by which Japanese companies do the personal tax return filing of employees--with some exceptions, such as high-income earners.

Social Insurance & Tax Office Reporting and Payments can be managed by HTM.

Time Reporting System (Web-based) allows employees to enter their work time on a daily basis from an internet connection anywhere in the world. Because the time is maintained in HTM's database, it is easy for management personnel to view any individual's time, as well as extract reports for group analysis. Because the data is real time, managers may examine overtime status at any time during the month. This data is required for payroll calculations.

Employee Expense Reporting System (Web-based) can allocate expenses to specific projects and specific locations, and where appropriate, can be exported for use on customer invoices. All employee expense activity is stored in an SQL database, which allows management to analyze data quickly and make business decisions in a timely manner. Expenses are reimbursed to employees together with payroll compensation.

Employee Housing System tracks employee apartment leases held by the company, including fees, deposits, monthly rent payments, and payments required by the employee.

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