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HTM systems overview

HTM Systems

It takes much more than an accounting and payroll system to provide excellent internal control and detailed bilingual (English and Japanese) reporting. Our fifteen major systems providing you solutions in accounting, payroll, human resources, and general administration are briefly described below. HTM's outsourced service provides system capability beyond the reach of most subsidiary offices.

Accounting System

HTM's Accounting System provides bilingual (English and Japanese) accounting, order processing, invoicing, inventory control, warehouse control, job costing, and POS retailing.

Payroll System

HTM's Payroll System handles the complexities of the Japanese payroll process, including bonuses, commissions, commuting allowances, other allowances including any required gross up, and deductions. Employee pay slips can be either Japanese or English. The complete payroll history is available online through the Business Information Portal, and can be graphically analyzed.

Human Resource System

HTM's Human Resource System tracks employee information (English and Japanese) including all the personal and dependent information needed for payroll, social insurance and tax reporting. The complete HR information is available online through the Business Information Portal.

Employee Expense System

HTM's Employee Expense System is a bilingual (English and Japanese) online web-based system for recording, approving, and reimbursing your employees’ expenses. The process, the regulations, and your specific policies are built into the system. The complete expense history is available online through the Business Information Portal, and can be graphically analyzed. This outsourced system provides easier access, more information, and better regulatory control than non-outsourced systems.

Employee Attendance System

HTM's Employee Attendance System is an online web-based system allowing your employees to enter their work time and attendance. The data is then checked for validity by our specialists, and approved by your managers. The complete work time history is available online through the Business Information Portal, and can be graphically analyzed.

Client Administration System

HTM's Client Administration System provides the information that assures we adhere to your policies. The system stores all of your information, including required authorizations and other policies for accounting, HR, payroll, and expense reporting. By using HTM's outsourced service, you gain access to systems that are usually beyound the scope of non-outsourced services.

Practices and Regulations System

HTM's Practices and Regulations System provides the information that details local and national practices, laws, and regulations. Recent changes are shown on the Business Information Portal, keeping clients up to date.

Information Technology System

HTM's Information Technology System includes 9 servers which are backed up daily and archived weekly and monthly. In addition, separate daily backups are taken off site daily and another set monthly.

The Business Information Portal

HTM's Business Information Portal brings together in one place all finance, accounting, tax, HR, payroll, legal documents, employees’ expenses, and work time activity. In addition to standard reports, data is shown graphically allowing analysis across any time period, down to individual transactions.

Tax filings and most legal documents, where the original is in Japanese, are shown both in Japanese and English.

Bank Transaction System

HTM's Bank Transaction System provides daily information on all bank transactions. This system accesses your Japanese bank account daily, and displays the results on the Business Information Portal.

Task Management System

HTM's Task Management System manages the tasks that must be done for each client, including the schedule and person assigned. Each employee at HTM sees, in their Task Management Window, the tasks they are responsible for in a given day. Each task for each client includes the unique policies for that client. This system records the time spent, any follow up required, any problems encountered in performing the task, and the time the task is completed. The status of all tasks are shown on several 60 inch monitors around the HTM office. Any task behind schedule is highlighted, so that corrective action can be taken.

Source Document System

HTM's Source Document System records all information received from clients and assigns a unique tracking number to that information. This system triggers required actions based on type of source document information, and also generates reports that contain the information that is entered into our accounting, HR, and payroll systems.

Document Tracking System

HTM's Document Tracking System tracks all documents that are required to be filled for individual employees. The requirement to file a document is triggered by a combination of information from Task Management System, the Source Document System, and the Payroll System.

Input Verification System

HTM's Input Verification System assures that complete and accurate information was entered into our accounting, HR, and payroll processing systems, by comparing the information in SDS with the information entered into our processing systems.

Financial Control System

HTM's Financial Control System provides long term budgets and forecasts, a previous month variance report, and a current month cash requirement report. Actual data for the past and, for the future, budget data plus planned changes from budget are combined to create the forecast.

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