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The HTM Knowldege Base includes articles on various payroll issues in Japan, including the payroll process, payroll banking, and expatriate payroll issues. Payroll in Japan
Payroll Service in Japan. HTM’s bilingual outsourcing payroll service in Tokyo, including an overview of the payments of employee salaries, social benefits premiums, and taxes; processing, management and internal control; and the systems infrastructure supporting the processing.

Payroll Accounting Reports. Accounting reports produced by the HTM bilingual outsourcing Payroll System, detailing all the entries to be included in the accounts.

Payroll Banking in Japan. Japanese banks provide services to facilitate payroll payments while keeping confidentiality.

Cash Management. HTM's outsourcing cash management service, including bank account set up, management and accounting of bank payments and receipts, and internal control, with reference to HTM’s bilingual outsourcing Payroll Service.

Employee Attendance System. HTM's bilingual outsourcing employee attendance system (built into the HTM online HR system), a system for recording employee attendance and leave, which are fed into the payroll processing system. The document includes instructions and relevant regulations regarding working hours and leave.

Tax Considerations for Employees Departing Japan. Regulations regarding tax liability of employees departing Japan according to salary calculation period, date of payment of last salary, and date of departure from Japan.


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These articles on payroll in Japan are available to HTM's outsourcing clients.

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