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Other legal issues covered in the HTM Knowledge Base include company service agreements, employee visa applications, and Japan regulations on data protection. Administration information - Other legal issues in Japan
Japan Service Agreements. The requirement and purpose of a service agreement between a Home Office and its Japanese operation, including a sample service agreement.

Japanese Visa Application. Working visa application process for Japan, including the documents required and sample forms.

Procedures for Working and Residing in Japan. Procedures required for a foreigner working in Japan, including obtaining a working visa, alien registration, re-entry permits, and national social insurance registration.

Dispatch Workers and Contractors in Japan. Regulations for companies sending out or employing dispatch workers and contractors in Japan.

Data Protection in Japan. The Personal Information Act of Japan, including regulations and obligations of foreign companies operating businesses in Japan. This document includes HTM’s data protection policy.

Foreign Lawyers in Japan. Regulations for foreign lawyers wishing to set up a law practice in Japan.

Representative Individual. Registration procedures for a representative individual in Japan for a foreign company having no business entity (e.g., Kabushi Kaisha or Godo Kaisha subsidiary company, or Branch Office, or Representative office) set up in Japan.

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These articles on other legal issues in Japan are available to HTM's outsourcing clients.

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