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JET Alumni

HTM is a total back office supporting foreign companies in Japan. That means our people support all the back-office aspects of international business:

  • Financial planning, accounting, tax
  • General and legal administration
  • HR and payroll
  • Software development

Your next step after JET at HTM

Former JETs fit well at HTM. Why? Because the same skills needed to do well in the JET program are needed at HTM too. You are good with people and learn rapidly.

We're looking for people who are curious, have a passion for excellence and great attention to detail. The rest you can learn through our learning and mentoring. That includes:

  • Working alongside experienced people
  • Monthly Toastmasters sessions
  • Weekly sessions with presentation coaches in Japanese and English
  • Access to our 300+ book kindle library

Whatever your level of Japanese language skill, there is a place for you to contribute at HTM. We're an international team from 19 nationalities.

If you are interested in software development at HTM, we do require some programming knowledge. But, we don't have experience requirements. If you have the right foundations and are willing to learn, we can give you the environment and mentoring to make sure you thrive.

How HTM supports you as a former JET

  • Interviews online
  • Work visa sponsorship
  • A flexible start date
  • Temporary accommodation in Tokyo
  • Daily lunch program
  • Housing support
  • Unlimited sick leave

2021 After-JET Career Fair

We attended the JET Career Fair on Saturday 20th February. Watch the video to hear about opportunities for JET alumni at HTM.

Former JET Participants Now At HTM

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