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HTM provides finance and administration services to foreign companies in Japan. Besides helping our clients daily, I'm responsible for recruiting new team members, developing our training program, and continuously improving our processes and systems.

I'm delighted to be part of growing company with a highly motivated team of international professionals.

I really enjoy working with people and helping them build their business. My role is ensuring that HTM's resources are appropriately connected to our clients' needs. It's very rewarding to be a part of a motivated team, dedicated to helping clients set up and improve their business.

You're given lots of opportunities to work on interesting projects that help clients improve their business, and you're really given responsibility to own the project.

I previously worked at a Japanese bank. I wanted to work in an international environment, so I joined HTM. While I enjoy using my polite Japanese business language skills, I now have the opportunity to use my English ability.

Everyone at HTM is very cheerful and easy to communicate with. Thanks to them, I can bring solutions to our clients, and I'm constantly improving my business knowledge.

Our lunch is amazing. The atmosphere during lunch is really electric. The catering companies do a great job, and it's really nice to interact with people you might not usually see during work times.

Everyone at HTM works every day at developing their personal mastery. And as a team, improving what we do and how we do it. We do this by dividing our day in four specific times. Daily work, projects, mentoring, and learning time.

I think that the great part of working here is, even though I go to school at night, I am able to balance my work and studies.

We have different classes such as accounting, database principles, business intelligence, and presentation skills, including an in-house Toastmaster group.

Welcome everyone to first HTM Toastmaster's meeting.

With activities like Toastmasters, HTM gives every employee a chance to build up his or her confidence, and I'm grateful that HTM gives all these possibilities to learn, including mentoring.

The coaching that I get from our mentoring program really helps me to get new skills and to practice. It makes learning not only easier, it's actually fun. HTM is a really unique and refreshing place to work.

I enjoy work as a team at HTM. People are friendly, vibrant, and always willing to help. I came from a totally different industry with no payroll experience, but HTM gave me the necessary training and the skills. Now I'm managing more than 20 people and I really enjoy it.

Joining HTM from university has been a great learning experience for me. Particularly in the areas of international finance, HR, and legal administration. It is rare to find a company that focuses on efficiency and is open to new possibilities at the same time. HTM is definitely one of them.

You've just heard from a really enjoyable team of people. If you're interested in joining this team, we'd be delighted to have you contact us.

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