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Japan human resources and employment issues in the HTM Knowledge Base include work rule regulations, employee contracts, compensation, and housing. HR information - employment in Japan
Work Rules in Japan. Regulations and minimum requirements concerning company work rules, i.e., the terms and conditions of employment for employees in a company in Japan.

HR Legislative Reporting in Japan. Table of main human resources legislative reporting requirements for employees and companies in Japan.

Sample Offer Letter for Japanese Employment Market. Sample offer letter of employment for a prospective employee in Japan.

Labor Contracts. Regulations and practice regarding labor contracts in japan, including working conditions, restrictions, cancellation, and dismissal.

Dismissal. Regulations on dismissal of employees in Japan, including grounds for dismissal and the dismissal process.

Compensation in Japan. Employee compensation considerations for outsourcing companies in Japan, including regulations, practice, and recommended policies.

Employee Housing “Legal Rent” Arrangement in Japan. “Legal rent”, a specific arrangement of providing housing for employees in Japan which reduces social insurance costs for both the employee and the company.

Apartment Insurance. Minimum insurance coverage required for apartments in Tokyo, Japan.

Holidays in Japan. Japanese national holidays, traditional holiday periods, and annual leave regulations, including leave recommendations for companies in Japan.

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These articles on human resources and employment in Japan are available to HTM's outsourcing clients.

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