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Online YETA system walkthrough

Year-End Tax Adjustment Overview

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The Year-End Tax Adjustment (YETA) is an annual process, part of Japanese companies' legal requirement to calculate employee tax, using HR and payroll information for each employee.
HTM leverages technology to reduce human error and ensure compliance with regulation by creating digital systems. This video demonstrates how to use our Bilingual Online YETA System.

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Hello. In this video, I'll be showing you how to use HTM's new online YETA system.

Explanation of functions of system
How to access
In a web browser, go to the HTM Employee Information Portal at eip.htm.co.jp and log in. Select YETA from the menu on the left. The system will load the online yeta form.

Explanation of landing page
The form is made up of two panels. The left hand panel is for data entry. The right-hand panel shows explanations and instructions for each section on the left. These coloured status indicators to the left of each section show the status of that section. This light blue colour means that we have not yet begun this section. The left-hand panel is divided into 5 areas: an introduction area at the top; and Personal information, Income, Deductions and Tax Credits areas for filling in your information and claiming tax reductions. These areas are greyed out until you complete the 'Begin YETA' section.

The Overview section describes the Year-End Tax Adjustment, and also gives you information about filing taxes in Japan. The Glossary has definitions of terms you will encounter while filling in the YETA form. Start your input in the 'Begin YETA' section by answering the questions. Based on your answers to these questions, the system will show the sections you need to fill in.

If you are not required to complete the full YETA form, you are still required to confirm your on-file information.[Yes][Save]

If you are required to complete YETA, the system will display the full YETA form.

Explanation of form
The Personal Information sections are pre-filled with information about you and your dependants that HTM holds on file.
If any of this information is out-of-date or missing, press the edit button to change the relevant information. For example, if you have enrolled in university, change your working student status from 'none' to 'student': after entering the name of your educational institution and your enrolment date, upload proof of your student status. You will need to have the scanned document saved on your computer. Clicking the upload button here will open a window, allowing you to navigate to your document on your computer. Select your document, and click open. Ensure all required fields, indicated by a red asterisk, are complete. Click save to save your changes. The document indicator here turns dark blue to show that you have successfully uploaded your file.

When you have finished with the section, press 'review'. Confirm that the information is correct, and the status indicator shows that the section is complete. If you need to edit your inputs after reviewing, uncheck the confirmation box, and press the edit button. Press 'cancel' to exit edit mode without saving.

Now, let's add some new information. For example, if you have an earthquake insurance policy, under deductions, click on Earthquake Insurance Deduction. Press the 'edit' button and then add a new policy. Fill in the required information. This information can be found on the document you received from your insurance provider. To see a sample of what this document looks like, click the sample button here. This entry requires you to send HTM the original proof. To post this document, use the prepaid HTM envelope sent to your home address.

If you have not received a prepaid HTM envelope, or if you need to send additional documents after returning the envelope, a postage-paid label can be downloaded from the link here. Simply print this label, attach it to an envelope and drop it into a postbox. When you have sent your document, check the 'sent' box, and click 'save'. The document icon changes to dark blue. To add another insurance policy, press 'edit' and add your policy. It is possible to claim deductions for more than one insurance policy. When you have finished your input, click save, and review. An error message will appear if you have not sent your document. The document icon at the top of this section shows that a document is still required somewhere in the section.

If you wish remove an entry, press the 'remove' button here.

When you have finished all of your inputs, press the submit button. The submit button here is not active. The status indicators here show that these sections are not complete. Before you can submit the form, each section must be reviewed, including those in which you have not added or edited any information. This review process allows you to look at every possible deduction type to ensure that you do not miss out on any tax reductions you may be able to receive. Once you have reviewed each section, you are able to submit the form.

HTM's experienced support team will process the information you have submitted. If there are any problems with your submission, a member of the support team will contact you directly. Otherwise, your adjustment will appear in your December payslip.

Final words
If you would like to know about the function and the calculation of the Year-End Tax Adjustment in Japan, please watch our YETA Overview video.

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